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Beatrice de Salles ─ Interpreter / Translator / Journalist

With some treatment sessions with Dr. Jay, I have already started to consider a healing cycle, and I feel gratitude for each meeting together, in which I always learn and surprise myself with interesting discoveries in terms of overcoming deeper pains and traumas, from which I would not be able to discern or be aware of. It has been an experience of getting in touch with my own essential feelings, observing deep bonds and transforming many of my old thought patterns.

When I started, I found myself in a severe condition of depression for which I tried different treatment strategies, in vain. With the dedication and continuation of this treatment, I now feel calmer, more balanced, centered and more at peace with life. I feel more light and authentic acceptance, and less anxiety. I believe that the experience with her methods has been fundamental, presenting me with a new understanding of human relationships and bringing to my awareness interpersonal potentials that I was not previously capable of. And all of this becomes possible, as Dr. Jay provides an environment of security, intelligence and affection, conducting the work with seriousness and loving respect. I am very grateful for her dedication and I greatly admire her for her investment in her work and training, and also for her compassion for me as a human and patient person. Furthermore, I am delighted with Dr. Jay's language, vocabulary, sensitivity and intuition. Only those who try their method are able to understand what years of other therapies have failed.

Diana Rosas ─ Psychologist


Talking about Dr. Jay as a therapist is a challenge, as it would be to reduce an infinitely larger subject. I prefer to speak of this incredible person as a divine human being that he is. Owner of immense generosity, she never judges any behavior, on the contrary, it teaches you to have compassion for yourself and love for your own actions. This was something transforming in my life, which made me understand a lot about my internal evolution and the way I conducted my interpersonal relationships. It teaches you how to drink from the source of life, how to take advantage of the wealth of experiences, how to look at the world from a worthwhile perspective. It doesn't give you a magic formula, but it does show you how to ask the right questions to get the answers you are looking for. I warmly thank you for all the exchanges we have had over the years.

Eduarda Miranda Queiroz ─ Professional makeup artist and Youtuber


Dr. Jay, it is very good for me to be able to talk about you to whom I will be forever grateful! I trusted you from the first session, and trust has always been difficult for me. You are worth every minute of your session! Every moment that I was close to you made me BE a lot better. I looked for you because I was going to end my life, I wanted to kill myself, and with your help I healed guilt, including abortions, and managed to forgive myself. With you I won an anorexia. I knew and worked on my limiting beliefs, and I found that in your sessions, there is NO WINDING. I could speak much and much more, but I repeat by repeating that I will be ETERNALLY grateful to you.

Francinne Hellora Kaczurowski ─ Agronomist


I received the family Constellation as a gift from my sister, Dr. Jay's client. At the time, I only knew what it was; I didn't have much information. I remember the feeling I had at the session. It was all very intense, exciting, and profound. I remember certain movements that I did that I wanted to get rid of, the feeling of crying that I couldn't hold back and my trembling voice when speaking, and Dr. Jay giving me as much support as possible to cry, speak, me move and express myself. I thought it would be a simple Constellation session, only it was much more than that. It didn't just affect me, it involved a range of people around me, who were mentioned in the session. The result was immediate and endured. I felt that my father was more flexible with me, I managed to get out from under his wings (or he freed me himself), which I remember being a big issue at the time. If I could today I would do other sessions with new issues to be worked on, because it was after this session that I became aware of the scope that this constellation could reach.

Ingridy Ribeiro ─ Psychologist / Constellator


I started the therapeutic process with Dr. Jay a girl and a woman left. I recommend it for those who are not afraid to go deep! It was worth every second and penny invested!


Isabela Pontual - Lawyer

The experience of training with Jay's extraordinary method was liberating and magical. Understanding that we are the guide of our minds and our lives is a big key to success and who warned me about it was the great Jay. Schneider. Shortly after happening like Jay, my life has already started to change for the better. Still, I understood that we, human beings, are multiple and that we are able to do whatever we want, we just have to believe and dedicate ourselves. My vision of the Universe became even sharper (I always loved subjects about the Universe), and I finally understood that we are part of this whole and that our great power resides within ourselves. Yes, we can change reality if we just believe and have good feelings. Another very important point that changed - for the better - my life was my relationship with money. With Jay's extraordinary occurrences, I understood that money is a vital energy that is part of our planet and that we must respect it, since it offers us wonderful things. I left behind that limiting prejudice and prejudice, which insisted on living in my subconscious, about money being linked with greed. The truth is that money has nothing to do with something that is human, the problem is not money, it never was. In short, Jay's sections have changed my view of the universe, my consciousness and my perception of money and this is transforming my life for the better with each passing day. I will be eternally grateful to this extraordinary psychologist Jay Schneider. Thanks to you, I'm sure I can live a magical life everyday!!!! Kisses with a lot of love, Isabela Pontual.

Kathleen Kaczurowski Yamágatá ─ Nicolas Therapist / Artist / Mother


I was in a very challenging process with the puerperium. It was really transformative to be able to experience the sessions with Dr. Jay. On the phone, when I made the first contact, I could feel a great strength and welcome. During the year that I was doing therapy sessions with Constellations, Regressions, and very important conversations, I started to see myself beyond motherhood. I was able to breathe again beyond the traditional maternal surface, stop being sucked, blamed and turned 100% only to my son's life. During the therapeutic follow-up, Dr. Jay encouraged me to take care of myself, to see me as a different and unique person. Always questioning, bringing me closer and closer to my Divine I AM Presence, something I rediscovered thanks to her. I am extremely grateful to have met you, and to know you! Today I have a love of friendship and enormous admiration for her. I learned a lot from her and I'm her fan. The way you live, how spirituality is always there, how joy and happiness are working and reverberating in your heart incessantly!

Luanda Dandara Santos Pimentel ─ Yoga teacher


Since the first consultation with Dr. Jay, I felt more empowered; I entered one and left another even better. We released strong beliefs that limited me, beliefs related to scarcity, among others. Her work has changed my mindset and consequently my profession and my life, making me see my true value.

Everyone should give themselves the honor and the opportunity to be cared for by Dr. Jay.

I have no words to express such gratitude for having met Dr. Jay, and for being this being of Light who knows how to see and highlight our brightness and our true Self (and look, we still have a lot to work on, rss ... ).


Luís Filipe Guilam Tavares ─ Obstetrician


Living an extremely stressful relationship, in one of the worst moments of my youth, I found myself with my high school girlfriend after years. We talked a lot and soon after my appearance she realized she was not psychologically healthy and told me that she had someone who could help me. That's how I ended up in Dr. Jay's office. I didn't know what to expect, but right away I felt a connection, a feeling of comfort and security that I hadn't felt in a long time. I entered his office as a teenager, even though I was already 23 years old, full of doubts, fears and lies that I told myself. Throughout the journey she was able to show me what I did not want to see, what was necessary for me to change. Today I feel that since the first session, Dr. Jay already knew me better than myself. I sought your help in times of apprehension, but also in times of happiness. In our time together I grew up in a way I didn't expect. At first, the help I needed was to get out of that relationship that was making me so bad, strengthening myself and seeing what I was doing wrong. I could have stopped there, which would have been a huge help, but I felt that with Dr. Jay, I could go further. A wonderful person, humorous, safe and serious. With his techniques that until today I do not fully understand how they work, but that inside my mind I feel the strength of each work done until today. I could go on writing pages about my experience with her, but I would like to summarize my impression in this way: She met a boy who, with your help, is now a man.


Marcellus Cavalcanti ─ Tourist, event producer, drone pilot and domestic brewer in his spare time.


I am not going to call you “Dr. Jay”. I think the definition does not cover how big the meaning of what it does is. A ... Jay, with a short time at work, allowed me to stop looking, and to start BEING. It was hard, hurt, scary ... Looking inside is not easy. We see how ugly we can be. But that’s why we’re in it, right? To improve, evolve and love. Gratitude without limit girl !!!


Rafaela de Souza Pontual Machado  ─ Entrepreneur

Awakening. ​
A profound awakening encounter. ​Being inside Jay's therapy is almost impossible to put into words. It really is a unique experience that everyone should live. ​Leah comes with sweetness and firmness, applying her method that makes us immerse ourselves without fear. You have to be willing, but once you are willing to go into this process and accept the improvement in your life it is extremely strong and magnificent. Revealing, charming, powerful, strong, transforming, revolutionary, agile, transcendent, powerful, surprising... so many words that I can use to try to define what this encounter with Jay is, and, consequently, with ourselves. The truth is that I wish I could show here everything I'm feeling, everything my body and mind respond to, but I can only say: do it and you will feel the transformation in your life, in your daily life, in your relationships , In your dreams. In this beautiful process, the potency that exists in the world and in us is evident, as well as how we can enjoy it. I am very happy that Jay crossed my path at the right time. I am very happy that the world can have what she comes to offer. I'm so grateful for that and I'm extremely excited to know she's there to give us so much. Thank you Jay, you are love! One thing I can be sure of: I'm not the same as I was before this treatment, I'm better and I'm always looking for the best. I started noticing the difference in my life the next minute of each session and I continue to reap the rewards today, tomorrow and beyond. The awakening to the potency in us is beautiful and it gets even more beautiful when well directed, cared for and activated by people like Jay. Very happy, very grateful and very excited for my journey here, for the future journey, with this perfect company.
Love, Rafa.


Rodolfo Bustamante ─ Lawyer 


I am very grateful to Dr. Jay. At first, I was going through a moment of serious anxiety crisis, and I had already gone through three other therapists who were unable to resolve it. It was then that Dr. Jay was referred to me, and she agreed to attend to me immediately. She is an excellent professional, out of the curve. It has a subtle way, but at the same time it is very serious and direct. The treatment was very good not only to deal with anxiety attacks, but also to show me someone I was trying to hide from the world. I was always very closed and a little skeptical about psychological treatments, but Dr. Jay completely transformed me in this sense. Besides, I didn't leave the house without a Rivotril card in my pocket. Today, the crisis is completely under control, I no longer use any type of medicine. I can communicate better with the people I love, and I know myself much more than before. I am fully aware of how much I grew as a person and as a professional, thanks to the treatment carried out by Dr. Jay. We are a family owned and operated business.

Vilma de Carvalho Soares ─ Contact / Optometrist


I was Dr. Jay's patient, thank God! He was depressed and alternated with anxiety attacks. Almost losing my job, and I love my job. I had never undergone similar treatment. With each session I felt empowered, which is not easy in depression. She conducted my treatment, which involved many techniques. We took care of my personality in the face of my problems. That there were many since childhood, and how I dealt with each subject. She won my total confidence, and I will say that she made me know better and taught me with her techniques of Regression, Family Constellation, to be more self-confident, and I can say that I overcame the panic that dominated me. I intend to be with her soon so that she can accompany me. She is a humane, caring professional, and makes me very confident. I have recommended some patients to her. I have respect, gratitude for the affection and dedication directed to me. I think Dr. Jay is a very competent young professional.

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