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Development of Internal Power

This method was created over another ten years of constant contact with the people who
they came to me with demands of the most varied orders.

I discovered this Potency in me as a girl, but I only put it into practice
consciously after my 20 years of age. I saw the immense power that we bring
within us, a Power that can transform our life, if we so assume this

In my office, I came across the most varied types of suffering, and that I
motivated me to start using techniques that I was creating for a while in my
mind. The results were incredible, and I saw significant changes happen in life
of those who came to me.

I combined my life experience with my academic knowledge as a Psychologist, as well as
as the knowledge acquired in courses and varied formations, as Regression of
Memory, Family Constellation, Coach, NLP, and many, many readings from diverse fields
of traditional and untraditional science. I've always been hungry to know and learn things
new. I die if I don't feel like I'm evolving.

Internal Power is all of our Being Power; an energy that resides in our core and
that moves us, as well as renews our cells, DNA, and builds absolutely
everything where we put our focus!

Unfortunately, we often use this energy in a distorted way, making
naturally life does not flow. However, when we focus our attention on this
immense Internal Power that we ARE, is when our life starts to seem like a miracle, it is
when we start to shine more than diamond shine, because our greatest power is when

Thus, we started to occupy a place in this world that only we can occupy. My
place is unique, and yours too! When we don’t do that, humanity always loses,
because there are gaps in the world. When you shine, you give permission for others
shine too!

Techniques and Tools


• Meeting with Internal Power, your Higher Self. The change is radical, because here we begin to understand who we really are!


• Unlimited view above planet Earth, for a new view of the world and life.

• Encounter and experience with the energy of feminine and masculine power. This technique brings a giant awareness about these powers in our professional life and love relationship. The changes are visible in daily behaviors.


• Money awareness: Unlocking limiting beliefs for this very important element in life. Theories of personal and collective order that are hindering the wealth in the matter. Demystification of poverty and wealth: Rich mentality and poor mentality.

Making peace with money, having a direct conversation with that energy; it's usually very exciting and powerful. The vision is completely modified, and the money element takes on a respectful place in the individual's life. Of course, it comes easier!

Some of the main limiting beliefs of financial success: Money is dirty and perverting. Money is the root of all ills. Rich people are selfish. Poor people are humble and honest. God is not in money. Spirituality and money don't match. If I am rich, what will people think of me? People will envy me and something bad will happen. I just want to have a simple life, pay my bills, and etc ... Being rich is not for me, this is something that happens to others. I don't deserve to be successful, because I am ... (here we have the most varied justifications). If I'm rich, people will only approach me out of interest ...

There are many other limiting beliefs, but these are the ones that I have worked on the most over the years, and that I have seen people get rich quick after releasing this distorted way of thinking, feeling and living life. For with the breaking of this pattern, life flows as it should be of abundance in ALL areas.

• Awareness of our mission and purpose in this life, abandoning theories and mistaken beliefs created consciously and unconsciously. Allied to an action plan to achieve the purpose. Usually going back in time, from the moment of absolute success to the initial moment, recreating the steps of success, in order to clarify the actions to carry out the project and the person's dream.

• Falling into the immensity of the black hole in order to find the cause of suffering of a non-specific order.

• Encounter with love, to release strong feelings of need, abandonment and loneliness.

• Advanced healing technique in the relationship area: meeting with your ideal partner. Release of repetitive patterns when choosing a partner, based on unconscious psychological suffering. Breaking the distorted view that normally prevents finding the person with whom we have affinity or when we are already in a relationship, the harmonization or not of that experience, always with the Internal orientation of what is best for the person. Learning to respect and respect the other becomes liberating. Here we work on the freedom of Being in a relationship.

• Meeting with internal voices that cause suffering. Converting the critical voice into your ally. Establishing a place of power to silence or allow the right voice to be heard at the right time.

• Bringing up your inner animal. Powerful fast energizing technique and strength to carry out projects, plans that require a lot of energy. Also used in cases of depression and meaninglessness in life. As well as in cases of people who are unable to impose themselves in life and respect themselves.

• Transfer of consciousness to the new matrix (body). This technique is very complex and delicate. It has the objective of harmonizing with the body, thus creating a true relationship in a conscious way with your physical temple.

I usually apply it in cases where the person has difficulties to accept himself, as well as to acquire greater vitality, and even in weight loss processes. To create healthy habits and abandon habits that are damaging the body and emotional health.

All techniques and tools aim at the goal of you becoming one with your Power
Internal, living a full life in all aspects; learning to deal with
growth opportunities that we all have every day. So yes, what many
they call problems, and which are actually opportunities for growth, these also
start to be experienced in a smoother way.

When we start to feel who we really are, we continue our process of
constant self-development, but from a completely different place. In this place,
we ARE already; so it's a daily matter to put into practice!



My Inner Power salutes your Inner Power!

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