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Memory Regression

Memory Regression is a therapeutic technique used to lead the individual to
experience an expanded state of consciousness in order to have access to certain
contents that lie in the unconscious, causing current suffering, be it of an order
emotional, physical or mental.

The process takes place consciously, through verbal induction; because it is very
important that the person during the regressive experience, becomes aware of the traits of
character that brings, as repetitions of patterns of ways of thinking, feeling and acting in life; O
which usually causes us to be trapped in the trauma of past experience.

By going back to the time when the traumatic factor occurred, we can reformulate this
moment, thus starting to see it from an enlarged, healthy point that allows a
significant change in the current present.

Each person experiences Memory Regression in a certain way, not least because
each is unique!

Here we will have the individual who intensely experiences the event, with all the
clear emotions and memories, and can even speak and react as if the situation
was happening in the here and now. These cases are more rare.

There is also the person who experiences it as if he were watching a movie of his life. She
is able to feel and think like that subpersonality (I'll explain later), but
always looking from an angle like an observer.

The most common ways of regressing that I have observed and noticed over these years of
service, are those where the client accesses these past experiences through
various different stimuli like sensations, intuitions, thoughts or feelings that
associates form a story.

In order to simplify something complex, dynamic and fascinating like the unconscious; we will
imagine for a moment as if he were a recorder, having as one of his
record all the experiences we have, whether we are fully present and
conscious at the moment or not. This means that, something can happen around us, and not
consciously or not even see with physical eyes, but our
unconscious will record the entire event that will remain as a file. For
our security it remains guarded and can be accessed by means of techniques and
specific interventions.

Now imagine that if all of our experiences are stored, then those that are
registered and internalized as painful because we are unable to dilute or have

a healthier or more appropriate reaction at that moment, these will be marked as a
trauma generating imbalances in our current present.

During the regressive process, the therapist will use interventions to help the client
access the content that causes current suffering, but it will always be the unconscious of the
client that will select the same to be accessed, because he knows what can and cannot be
accessed at that time. The customer may have access to various periods of its existence
as spirit, as well as the contents from ancestral experiences, that is, life
their ancestors; as well as the collective unconscious that encompasses something much bigger, like
the experiences of humanity, such as the experience of cultures and races.
Archetypal experiences can also surface.

There are situations that occur frequently in the intrauterine period, and that mark the
deeper psychism of the individual being formed, and these experiences in the
future tend to trigger certain sufferings that seem to be of an order
indeterminate, such as: insecurities, feelings of abandonment, patterns
repetitive and way of thinking that generates a lot of pain, including physical pain; fears and phobias,
issues with food, and so many other sufferings that are connected with this
special moment when we are being generated.

I have seen so many people with complex issues, and that when we worked on this
intrauterine period, the person had a radical change in her life and often this
it became happier and more vibrant.

An interesting thing that I noticed when working with some people who wanted to be
financially successful was that many mistaken beliefs about this
element, and that directly hindered career success, or their projects in
generally, they were also connected with this intrauterine period; often such beliefs
came from parents or close people, but the baby in its formation process had
absorbed as yours. After release, a separation between the psychic contents
from parents or guardians (as the fetus tends to absorb the environment and people
around), and the baby then started to keep only what was his, life flowed
In such a way, that it seemed a miracle at times, such a change in the financial
individuals, which allowed an expanded way of thinking, thus having a relationship
healthy with this element that we call money. When that happens it becomes
success is inevitable!

Recalling that, the cause for such difficulties mentioned above may be located in
any wider sphere, such as our ancestry and the collective unconscious. O
unconscious is vast and deep.

When the cause of pain in the past has been identified, whether emotional, physical or
mental, that moment registered as traumatic; concomitantly with this memory
consciously, we will have to make use of the most diverse interventions to deal with

this content of the unconscious, in order to dissociate the present moment with the
trauma from the past.

At every moment, phase and age of life, we have a way of thinking, of interpreting life,
a world view; we could then call this a subpersonality. So why
example, in a certain period where we go through a very painful situation and
it marks us in such a way that it generates suffering in the future.

Ex: 9-year-old girl sees her mother crying because of something her father did, such as betrayal
for example. This child can go through this and understand a little more
healthy that the father had a behavior that the mother did not like, period. However, she
you can interpret this as: all men are naughty. And here, we have the most diverse
interpretations. I've seen some amazing ...

This example above was from a client that I worked on the relationship issue. The
men she chose always betrayed her. Insecurity with men was the cause of much
suffering. She arrived saying that she had tried everything.

So, how do we work with this technique that we call Memory Regression?

Using as an example my client's story above, after identifying the cause of the
pain, in which case, she had forgotten this event between her parents. We use
specific interventions to release this psychic pain that reverberated at the time of
choose a partner; reformulation in this relationship area, and yes, very
important to talk to this 9 year old child who lived this ─ what we call a

Through an appropriate technique, we bring it up to talk, this childish part
my client's 9-year-old (subpersonality), and when that child understands what
it happened from another angle, a larger view; in possession of a new vision,
feeling of freedom, lightness becomes physically visible. Often, the person leaves the
session feeling light as a happy child, because that's exactly it, the freedom to
think without that disturbing pain; it's like you have your power back there
build your life as you wish and not in a limited way due to past trauma.

Memory Regression, when worked well, brings untold benefits,
allows a release of that which no longer serves us, and it is for this reason that,
just remember what happened, you need to reformulate the whole experience. That's when
the therapist with his experience and sensitivity will work the contents brought up
by the unconscious, so that the individual expands his consciousness more and more. With
this expansion, the client will review his ways of thinking, feeling and acting in life, which will
with which he perceives and feels more author of his life, thus constituting a greater
autonomy in building your happiness.

If you want to know a little more about the techniques and tools I use, read about the
my '' Development of Internal Power '' method.

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