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Who I am?

I have always been a dreamy person. In my childhood, when basic food was practically lacking, with only a little rice cooked in water and salt, I would smile
imagining that one day I would go around the world with the fascinating stories that I would tell in my books. I used to write fantastic stories and poetry in my old notebooks, in the hours I spent in the world of imagination, where everything, absolutely everything was possible. There, I also tried to imagine all kinds of situations that I could do to help my family. At that time, I was less than ten years old.


I also dreamed of studying psychology. I believed with all my heart that we had come here to have an incredible life, I just still didn't know exactly what I was going to do to have mine that way, but I was absolutely sure that I would make it happen. I would have the full life that I came here to have.


At 14, I left home for the first time. The suffering of the years weighed on my shoulders tired of a struggle that seemed endless. I still remember looking at my mother at the bus station in that small town where she seemed to have been abandoned by luck, and her eyes red from the tears that flowed, she said to me: I trust you, my daughter. Good bye! I held on to keep from crying, I made myself strong. This was a role that I played consistently in my family.


Now on the bus, leaving my little town behind, I could allow my chest to burst into tears. My mother has always supported me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

My plan was simple: I would arrive in the next city and ask for a job in a supermarket, and that's exactly what I did.

At the biggest supermarket in the city, I stopped and asked for a job. I was quickly working at the market owner's house. It only lasted a month, because I found myself in constant slavery and harassment by the lady's son. Therefore, I returned to my tiny city in the interior of Espírito Santo.

Life was still extremely difficult, some days I had money for food and some days I had nothing. Food was often scarce, and late rent meant that we had to change constantly. I did some jobs in the meantime, from babysitting, attendant and store saleswoman, and sometimes when my father fished, I sold fish door to door to the neighbors in my neighborhood, and etc ... So, I got some money to help at home.

At 16 years old I left the house once again and moved to Vitória, Espírito Santo. As I had no money for anything; I rode a truck. In Vila Velha, capital of Vitória, I saw possibilities for growth.

You may be asking yourself: How did she do that? How did I get a job? I just looked at the newspaper or knocked on the doors looking for; I did the same thing to find a place to live.

Soon, I was in two jobs, an office clerk, a waitress in a bar, and some weekend jobs that included hot dog stalls, etc ... I studied at a public school at night. It was tiring, but I had money for basic expenses.

I was 18, when I made the decision that would change my life forever. I decided that I had come to this world to shine. I had something special that I wanted to pass on to people; I felt an immense power within me guiding me, I saw that same power within other people. I was the type that even with all the problems I maintained a contagious positivity. My suffering life did not reflect my manners, although I cried at times, especially in my early childhood when scarcity screamed in my house and poverty was living there. I had a conviction since I was a child that I had come here to accomplish great things, and that in doing so, I would help many people to shine as well. The feeling was that I was constantly living inside a special and unique world in my head; I lived in the world of dreams. Me
I walked the streets enjoying the details of beautiful things, like the free birds flying, the sky lit with the bright sun, the architecture, the couples talking and etc ... I saw beauty everywhere, and that was my salvation since child not to succumb to that reality of temporary poverty and suffering that has existed since I was born, but I knew that this phase was transitory.

So at 18, after losing my two jobs at the same time; on a beautiful afternoon, on the way to the beach in Vila Velha, I found my next destination on a postcard: Rio de Janeiro. That year my family had also moved to Vila Velha, and I was living with them temporarily.

That same day at night, driven by a strong internal impulse, I decided to leave. This farewell was the hardest for me, I knew something was going on inside me, I was changing a lot. I have always been very attached and protective of my two younger brothers; I dreamed of giving my mother and them a good life. The most painful moment for me was to say goodbye to them. My little sister, 9 years old, I loved her as a daughter since she was born, with my brother I had a special connection of exchanges, a friendship where we talked about everything ... My brother always had a brilliant mind ... Na farewell, they cried and so did I. Once again I counted on the support of my mother, who, even terrified by my decision to leave for Rio de Janeiro, a big city, without knowing anyone at all and with only about R $ 300 in the bill, and a postcard like reference; but she believed in me. I told her: Mom, I'm leaving for Rio de Janeiro, I'm going to make my life happen and I'm going to help you.

On the bus during those eight hours, my record fell on my completely crazy decision to go to a big city, like Rio de Janeiro, without knowing anyone. I watched the darkness of the night outside, and at the same time that I felt a fire inside me that warmed me and gave me hope, I also felt fear, insecurities and anxieties. There was not even room to cry. All I knew was that within a week I needed to get a job to support myself, as I only had money to eat and pay rent for a maximum of one week. So, at that time I simply used my faith in myself and the Creative Force of the Universe.

The day cleared, and I arrived at the bus station in Rio de Janeiro with my suitcase full of dreams. I was just a girl with a smile on my face and a tight heart of feelings, extremely brave with a postcard in my hand that took me to the South Zone of the city. The newspaper bought at the newsstand took me to a room shared with three other people, rented at a gold price, and a job as a saleswoman with a commission that hoped I would be saved soon. However, to pay that rent, I had very little money to eat, so I spent eating those things, the cheapest I had and without any real food, like hot dogs and instant noodles (noodles).

That week, I had to prove to myself how much I believed in myself, believe me, it was not easy. I could feel fear, insecurities, and sometimes I even slept crying out of solitude, but I needed to wake up with courage, otherwise, I needed to get a little quick, I was completely alone.

With my commission work in sales, things started to improve, so money started to be part of my life, I was able to start helping my family, and I got to know Rio de Janeiro and fell in love with it!

Soon after I met the love of my life, my future husband and best friend, it was a real reunion! He always supported my dreams. I have always had big dreams; since I was a child, the world seemed small to me. My desire to explore it was what kept me alive and gave me energy to move towards my goals. My husband embarked on this journey with me and everything was still very
more special.

At the age of 19, I was studying many things; reading has always been an automatic habit. I always wanted to know a little bit of everything, but the human mind has fascinated me my whole life. So, I started to specialize in the most varied techniques of access to the unconscious, such as Memory Regression, which became my flagship in my office for many years. The Family Constellation, Coach and many others added me a lot too, and so, I realized my childhood dream of graduating in Psychology.

The day I entered college to study psychology was so special that my tears flowed. I could remember that dreaming and suffering child who now made another dream come true, yes, another dream, because when I went to college I had already accomplished several things. I could feel her inside me smiling and thanking me for everything I was doing.


In my eagerness to understand the human mind and bring something to people, I did some volunteer work, I spent more than three and a half years at INCA (Cancer Hospital), in the children's sector. I spent two and a half years at the orphanage Educandário Romão Duarte, especially with children, from newborns to seven years old. I worked as a Memory Regression therapist at a social clinic (adults) for over three years. In addition, seven years at the Ramatís Society (a charity in Tijuca).

In my years of service, I was never a therapist, an ordinary psychologist; I always went further, and the results were so incredible that some clients and patients said that I was not from this planet ... rss ... With so many techniques, tools that I created day after day for the most difficult cases; I then created a transformative method, which I called it: "Development of Internal Power". In that time, I had already had countless achievements, as well as helped dozens of people to realize their dreams, to have a life of success, abundance and feel more fulfilled. But like every dreamer, I had and still have giant dreams to fulfill. Some of these dreams are about to happen, soon you will see!

Now was the time to bring something transformative to the world, about our ability to bring out our highest Internal Power; I had applied it to my life and transmuted my story, which will continue with successive conquests, because there are no limits to what we can achieve on this planet.

When I look back and see my story, I am proud of it, and I see how I am today, how happy and fulfilled I am. I feel that everyone can and should have an extraordinary life.

My mission here is to BE ME, with all my power and brilliance, because that way I help others to also BE EVERYTHING they really ARE.

I am! You too!

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