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My Inner Power salutes your Inner Power!

We are more powerful than we think.

I will show you how to achieve a successful life and

abundance and experience your highest Potential here!

About J.Schneider (Jay)

Jay Schneider is an exceptional professional. Creator of the '' Development of Internal Power '' method. Mentor. Coach with a focus on Success Mindset. Psychologist. Specialized in Memory Regression, and Writer. She also works with techniques such as Family Constellation, among others. His vast experience over ten years dealing with all kinds of cases, many of them very complex, such as: anxieties, phobias, generalized fears, depressions, grief, chronic insomnia, limiting beliefs, financial conflicts, possessive jealousies, relationship difficulties, deficit of attention, issues related to physical health, such as weight problems, eating disorders, diabetes, intestinal disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, vitiligo, schizophrenia, countless cases involving sexuality, the most diverse types of disorders, such as panic, and many others ... See more

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For appointments: Successful Mindset Training, Memory Regression session, Family Constellation, and other techniques within my method: “Development of Internal Power”, contact by WhatsApp or E-mail.

Value of the 100 min session: US$1,000.

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This method was created over another ten years of constant contact with the people who came to me with demands of the most varied orders.

I discovered this Potency in me as a young girl, but I only consciously put it into practice after I was 20 years old. I saw the immense Power that we carry within us, a Power that can transform our lives, if we so assume this awareness.

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Development of Internal Power

Mentoring and Consultations

Expand your awareness for a more abundant and fulfilling life

The time has come to expand your awareness, stimulating a mindset of abundance and fullness. Our goal is to promote alignment with the soul's purpose, manifesting this new reality of success through self-development and release of Internal Power.


Contact us using the form below to schedule an interview for the next mentoring.

Our mentoring classes are already sold out , but stay tuned! Soon we will open a new class and I want you to be the first to know about this news.

We are more powerful than we think.


I'll show you how to experience your highest Potential here!

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Awaken your best version

Fill out the form and participate in the screening

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Payment methods

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The most impactful, exciting and inspiring story in the galaxy!

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